Horien Biochemical Technology new innovation


Horien biotech safety certification from domestic pigs in Taiwan , extracted collagen matrix , developed dental dressings, have got CE ( EU ) and the FDA ( U.S. Food and Drug Administration ) certification, Horien biotech Mr. Charlie Ho, deputy executive director , said this new medical dental materials necessary to advance the mainland market has recently expanded layout.

It is the parent company of Horien biotech Ginko Group , ophthalmology and health food after extended biomaterials , tissue engineering, medical research , branched out into new achievements dentist material . Meanwhile, dermal collagen tissue regeneration also developed a medical dermatology beauty product.

Mr. Charlie Ho said, “Horien biotech has for the local production of collagen, to find a new way of technological innovation and international marketing.”

Horien biotech collagen developed innovative technology can be implanted in the human body, “degradation” without surgically removed. Charlie Ho said, “and then extraction wound healing collagen implants , hemostatic effect is better, and let the alveolar space and then stretch ." Locked continent currently leads the market in the elderly, the first cut into the top three hospitals, and then gradually to two, three class city layout.

Horien biotech research and development of innovative technologies, recently trying to find people who can share the carrier from animals to replace part of an organ transplant. Charlie Ho said that currently rely mostly organ transplantation in general donation, blood type matching to overcome problems with rejection. But if the first experience of live animals to remove allergens repulsion, then implanted in the body’s cells regenerate, such as transplanting animal conjunctiva high compatibility with the cornea, no matter how tough and other donations would be no need for blind patients will be a big gospel.

He estimates that Horien biotech animal organ transplants for technology research and development, in early 2016 will get more specific results.

  • 2013.04.07 Wang reported   
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