Professional advantages

The Safety of Raw Material

Collagen is the most abundant protein in vertebrate, making up from 1/3 of the whole-body protein content. Horien collagen membrane is most the same as human collagen membrane. Unlike PLA and PEG membranes , collagen degrades as amino acid residues naturally without causing any inflammatory byproduct.

Horien collagen is highly purified collagen materials obtained by standard operation processes. Main component of Horien collagen is the Type I collagen which is extracted from porcine tendons. It’s processed by state-of-the-art technology to achieve the excellent biocompatibility.

Sources & characteristics

On the topic of the raw material selection, considering that every country increases precautions against BSE transmission, Horien exclude the bovine sources on account of its undetected and fatal characteristics. Porcine skin and tendon are safer collagen sources for industries. But skin which directly exposes to outer environment makes it easier to be contaminated than tendon. It induces the Horien to choose porcine tendon with resumes and traceable data as our raw material sources. The vakudation report showed that the production process of the Horien Collagen Matrix could effectively inactivate/remove viruses for 4-log reductions and more.