Technical Description

Horien biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. factories that actually imported in the early concept of quality management system, is committed to implement and comply with ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 13485: 2003 of the quality management system, as well as medical equipment GMP Good Manufacturing Practice requirements.

Important milestone associated with the quality of the following:

2006.12  Horien Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. was established
2007.08  Factory Registration Certificate   code:99-702409-00
2008.02  Manufacturing license   code:6117061324
2009.03  ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 13485:2003

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‧ 2009.04  The Council of Labor Affairs hosted the Vocational Training Council "immediately charging plan" education and training grants  9801569A-3-1.
‧ 2009.04  Department of Health medical equipment Good Manufacturing GMP certification.

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‧ 2009.09 “Gennu-Plug® passed department of Health medical equipment license:code:002787.


‧ 2009.11 Get the Ministry of Economy SBIR grant project
‧ 2009.12 "Gennu-Plug® passed the SNQ award in 2010.
‧ 2010.01 "Gennu-Plug® passed the SNQ award in 2011.


‧ 2011.10 "Horien Collagen Matrix Dental Dressing" passed the Department of Health Medical Equipment License;code:003459


‧ 2011.11 Horien Laboratory passed TAF Certificate:
   Method→USFDA-BAM, Chapter 23 Microbiological Methods for Cosmetics.


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‧ 2011.11.16"Sterile Collagen Matrix passed Det Norske Veritas CE Certificate


‧ 2012.1.1  "Gennu-Plug® passed the SNQ award in 2012.


‧ 2012.3.15 "Horien"passed ISO 9001:2008及ISO 13485:2003 certificate .

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‧ 2012.5.8 "Horien biochemical Technology Co., Ltd" passed the department of Health medical equipment license GMP & added the products items.


‧ 2012.5.8 "Horien" passed the Department of Health Medical Equipment License & added the product items.

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‧ 2012.7.30 "Horien biochemical Technology Co., Ltd" Sponsored "Taipei Medical University Oral health care team "6/24-30 Medical services is very success

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‧ 2012.12.12 "Horien Collagen Matrix Dental Dressing passed the SNQ award in 2012.



‧ 2013.05"Sterile Collagen Matrix",passed Det Norske Veritas CE certificate. 

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