Perspective and mission

“Horien” Collagen Matrix Dental Dressing is a collagen-based absorbable wound dressing and protector for use in the filling of extraction sockets. Collagen has well biocompatibility and this biomaterial is used widely in medical devices. Gennu-Plug is made of atelo-collagen to minimize antigenicity and the atelo-collagen has been cross-linked by heat and UV light treatment to make the product. The product is processed in a membrane/ powder and then it is formed into a shape for easy placement in the socket. It is able to be trimmed or cut with a sterile instrument for a better fit. Following a teeth extraction and surgical operation, it is placed into the socket. It is helpful to stop bleeding and cover the surface of a wound created by an odontectomy to prevent contamination and infection of the wound. It also helps to relieve pain at the wound site due to wound coverage. As the absorbable feature, it is not necessary to be removed. This will reduce the risk of re-infection. Fibrillar atelo-collagen provides scaffolding for surrounding cells and stimulates infiltration of the cells into the product. As the extraction socket heals, it is filled with new augmented bone. The fine alveolar bone is the critic point for the course of implant treatment. From design, production to validation, it is well controlled under the Good Manufacturing Practice quality control system. This sterile and non-pyrogenic product is a fine product of Horien Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd.