• Gennu-Plug


The device is a collagen-based biodegradable wound dressing that serves as a protector for used in the teeth extraction socket. The white, soft, and sponge-liked porous device is made from porcine collagen and shark glycosaminoglycan following cross-linked by lyophilized, dehydrothermal and ultraviolet treatment. The biomimetic collagen is broadly used for medical device on account for its characteristic of homeostasis and biocompatibility. It is useful to stop bleeding and cover the surface of a wound after an odontectomy to prevent contamination and infection of the wound. The device is nontoxic and nonpyrogenic. Each device is packaged individually. The sterility of the device is guaranteed unless the package is opened or damaged.

Collagen original from porcine tendon > 95%
Chontroitin-6-sulfate from shark cartilage < 5%

The devices are indicated for application to fill the extraction socket after odontectomy to control bleeding and protect the wound surface. Topical administration of the device directly over the wound effectively controls bleeding usually within 30 seconds. The porous sponge-like configuration of the product and the fibrillar atelo-collagen provides three-dimensional scaffolding for additional strengthening of the blood blot. It also serves as a scaffold for surrounding cells and holding the space for bone grafting material in position.

Strip the mucous epithelium from the fistula or remove the necrotic tissue depending on the wound condition after odontectomy. The wound should be rinsed clean and excess fluid removed.
Tear down the gap of aluminum package. Pull out the polypropylene cryovial from the aluminum foil package and spin off the cap of the vial counterclockwise. Clip out the device and place it in the extraction site with a sterilized forceps.
After the insertion, take any necessary rinsing, gargling and appropriate treatments to minimize the risk of infection.

size:8.3 mm x 20 mm 、 8.3 mm x 30 mm 、 15 mm x 20 mm