• Horien Collagen Matrix

Horien Collagen Matrix

A collagen matrix advanced wound care device which is indicated for the management of wounds.

Composition:Collagen- Glycosaminoglycan Matrix
The Horien™ is intended for the management of wounds including:
‧surgical wounds     ‧trauma wounds
‧draining wounds     ‧second degree burns
‧partial and full-thickness wounds
‧pressure ulcers      ‧venous ulcers
‧vascular ulcers       ‧diabetic ulcers     ‧oral wounds


1.  Using a clean technique, cut the dry Horien™ to a size that covers all viable wound tissue and extends slightly beyond the margins. Use as many sheets as necessary to cover the wound, slightly overlapping sheets.

2. Securely anchor Horien™ using the physician’s choice of fixation methods.

3. Position the dehydrated Horien™ over the wound surface so that it overlaps all wound edges.

4. Apply a cover dressing to keep all layers securely in place. Change dressings as necessary. Reapply Horien™ every 7 days as needed.

Size:20 mm x 30 mm 、 30 mm x 40 mm 、 15 mm x 20 mm     CE 0434